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The Application Process Overview

Process of application to become a visiting teacher

  • Applicant teachers are prescreened by MECD. Their qualifications, credentials and experience are verified.
  • State and provincial departments of education and school district representatives recruit teachers in Madrid or via videoconference/Skype.
  • Selected teachers apply for a J-1 Cultural Exchange visa in the U.S. or a Work Permit in Canada.
  • Teachers receive the teaching license or permit required for international teachers in each state and province.
  • Their working status, renewal and salary conditions are equivalent to those of local teachers.

Step 1: Review Application Requirements

Download and Read the Spanish call for applications and make sure you understand all the requirements needed to apply to Texas. Download the Call for Application (CONVOCATORIA)

Step 2: Gather Documents

Gather all the required documentation:

  • Copies of Titles
  • Proof of employment and teaching experience
  • Driving license
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of recommendation

Step 3: Upload Documents

Upload all collected documents to the right section to PROFEX, which is an online web service application designed to enable candidates to submit their applications online for the international programs of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport:

  • In order to do so you will have to create an account in Profex. Make sure your email is correct and valid for the whole process or you may run the risk of not being informed about the status of your application! Preferably, use a Gmail account or similar, as you will be receiving attached documents.
  • You can upload here any document in PDF format. The maximum size for any single document you upload is 3 MB.
Profex website Download the Profex Instructions

Step 4: Create Your CV

Download the complete the Curriculum Vita template.

Curriculum Vita (in English)

Step 5: Check Your Status

Once you have submitted your application following directions, please, check the process of change in your status.

You can see below the different phases of your application and changing status. process graph

Step 6: Interview in Madrid

If your profile is considered to fit the needs of the districts, you will be preselected to have an interview by the District Administrators, who will travel to Madrid in April.