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What is the Texas-Spain program?

Learn more about the Texas-Spain Visiting International Teacher program.

Program Overview

The Visiting Teachers from Spain Program is a cultural exchange program based on the cooperation between the education authorities of Spain and the U.S./ Canada. The program, endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education Office, is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain (MECD), by state and provincial departments of Education, and school districts in more than 35 states and one province in Canada. Hundreds of teachers participate in this cultural exchange every year.


The spirit of the program is cross-cultural understanding, and the enhancement of bilingual, dual-language, immersion, and world language programs.

  • Connects communities from the U.S., Canada and Spain.
  • Impacts the education and lives of students by increasing their learning opportunities.
  • Increases the diversity of districts’ personnel and fosters cultural acceptance and diversity.
  • Provides districts with the expertise and experience of international teachers and excellent language models.
  • Gives Spanish teachers a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.


  • It takes place within the Texas Education Agency and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain memorandum of understanding.
  • Once the needs of Texas school districts are identified through an Application of Intent, the MECD selects possible candidates among the thousands of Spanish teachers who apply for the program.
  • The representatives of the participating districts travels to Madrid to conduct interviews with prospective recruits.
  • Recruited teachers will make a one-to-three year commitment to teach in Texas, provided that the local school district chooses to rehire them each year.

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Program Timeline


Teachers Get Ready

The new visiting teachers participate in orientation and training workshops, organized jointly by the MECD, Region 13 and the Districts to prepare them for their teaching assignments and a smooth transition to life in that particular Texas community.

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October and November


The Spanish Liaison from the Ministry and the ESC Region 13 VIT coordinator visit the new teachers from Spain in their district and meet the principals of the schools where they teach, as well as other district personnel who are involved in the VIT program.

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District Interest

Districts should express their interest in the program to their Spanish education advisor in the U.S..

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Apply for 2024

Application period opens up for interested teachers in Spain.

Applicant teachers submit their résumé, qualifications and credentials.

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MECD and its offices in the U.S. prescreen candidates who are certified in the areas and grades requested by recruiters.

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Spain Recruitment

Representatives from school districts and states participate in the 2 week recruitment in Madrid.

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Selected teachers have their credential evaluations processed.

Visa sponsors initiate the process for teachers to apply for their J-1 visas/ Work Permit.

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Travel to U.S.

Selected teachers participate in the orientation organized by MECD.

Teachers travel to the U.S. and Canada

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