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Opening Up A World Of Opportunities for Teachers from Spain.


The Texas-Spain Visiting International Teacher (VIT) Program is a cultural exchange program that aims to promote inter-culturalism between the United States and Spain, thereby encouraging citizens from both countries to foster an appreciation of the cultures shared by each community.

The VIT program allows Texas school districts to recruit experienced educators from Spain to teach in bilingual and/or dual language classrooms across the state. As the educators from Spain teach in Texas they are also developing their knowledge of the American educational system and are expected to then implement the newly acquired pedagogy and methodologies upon return to their home country of Spain.

This program is made possible by the collaboration that exists between The Spanish Ministry of Education, The Educational Service Center Region 13, and The Department of State. ESC Region 13 serves as the program sponsor on behalf of the Department of State (DoS).


Are you a Teacher from Spain and want to teach in Texas?

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Madrid, Spain

The Visiting Teachers in the USA and Canada Program is an international cooperation program supported by the Ministry of Education/Embassy of Spain and several departments of education and school districts across the United States and Canada.

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Region 13 Education Service Center

Austin, Texas, USA

Program Sponsor

Region 13 Education Service Center is one of twenty service centers which serve the needs of educators across the state of Texas. The service center is a non-regulatory agency and works collaboratively with school districts in the region to provide support and training. The purpose of the service center is to assist teachers and administrators in their work to effectively educate the children of Texas

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Texas Education Agency

Austin, Texas, USA

The Texas Education Agency is committed to the continuing growth of students, teachers and leaders. It is the state agency that oversees primary and secondary public education in the state of Texas. The role of the agency is to effectively deliver high quality education to more than 5 million students across the state. A quality education provides opportunity for each child to reach their potential.

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